Help is here for Michigan’s family caregivers!

The Michigan CARE Act formally takes effect today (July 12, 2016), providing immediate and substantial help to 1.3 million family caregivers who make it possible for older Michiganders to live independently at home – where they want to be.

The Michigan Caregiver Advise, Record, Enable (CARE) Act – which won final passage in March and was signed by Gov. Rick Snyder in April 2016 -- will support and equip family caregivers with the basic information and training they need when their loved ones go into the hospital and as they transition home.
“The CARE Act will help our family caregivers perform their labor of love all across Michigan,” said Paula D. Cunningham, AARP Michigan State Director. “We want to make sure caregivers and their loved ones are aware of this new law and take full advantage of all that it offers.”

Under the new CARE Act, Michigan hospitals will:
   Allow patients to designate a family caregiver;
  Notify the family caregiver when the patient is going to be discharged or transferred; and
  Give the family caregiver an opportunity for instruction and a demonstration of the medical tasks required when their loved one returns home.

Related booklets are available free online through Michigan AARP or by calling, Sue Tumosa at 517-267-8920.

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