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Thank you for your service to Michigan State University!

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Monday, Nov. 13, Simon Petersen-Jones, Myers Dunlap Endowed Chair in Canine Health, MSU College of Veterinary Medicine, Ophthalmology Research in Veterinary Medicine & Its Implications for Human Health.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017 10AM to Noon Location: IM Sports East, Multi-Purpose Room Fraud Watch Network The Fraud Watch Network presentation provides current statistics on identity theft and fraud, identifies the frauds and scams that are trending in Michigan, and the approach scam artists to take to defraud their victims. Tips about how someone might protect themselves against fraud, scams, and identity theft are offered. Additional information in the form of booklets and brochures and other resources are provided. for details click on AARP & IM Sponsored Events for MSURA

Tuesday, November 14, 1PM at MSU Federal Credit Union’s Farm Lane branch, StraightLine will lead a 2-hour discussion on topics that include a review of financial markets, investment management and estate planning. For excellent, up to date information and an opportunity to get answers to your questions. Click for bios of speakers

If you would like to participate in a travel discussion group, please send your e-mail or phone number to Al LeBlanc, phone (517) 655-6454 or e-mail aleblanc Experience has shown that it is much easier to communicate with a group via e-mail, so that is the preferred contact method.

Click on Meetings & Speakers for full descriptions and list of all events.

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You  do not need a Facebook account to view what others are doing. If you have an account, you can post pictures and/or descriptions of what you have been doing since retiring from MSU. Especially let us know what volunteer activities you perform. If you are shy or doubtful about posting on Facebook, send your pictures or information to or call (517) 353-7896 and we will post it for you. Mobile users be sure to click on visitor posts below photos to see other retiree posts.


MSU retirees and their spouses are automatically members of the MSURA for life.    There are no dues, but donations will help make MSURA better.

Continue your connection to Michigan State University by participating in the MSU Retirees Association.    We especially hope you attend the monthly programs from September to May.

msura board 15-16

MSURA 2016-2017 Board

Front Row, Left to Right: Brenda Spackman, Nancy Craig, Liz Thomas, Cheryl Pell, Al LeBlanc, Pam Marcis, Angela Brown, Bruce Smith

Back Row, Left to Right: Dan Mackey, Jacqueline Babcock, Dan Chegwidden, Patrick Scheetz, John Forsyth, Trish Horn, Dave Brower, Darlene Wenner, Rick Vogt

Not Pictured: Etta Abrahams, Mike Gardner, Gale Gower, Anders Johanson, Marilyn Rothert and Ron Smith

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