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The Michigan State University Retirees Association (MSURA) is an organization for all retired faculty, staff and their spouses.    The mission of the MSURA is to establish and maintain a community of fellowship among its members;   to stimulate individual and mutual interests and concerns;   to bring its members together for social, recreational and educational purposes;   to communicate and clarify information that has special impact upon retired persons and surviving spouses;   to provide liaison between Michigan State University retirees and Michigan State University administration;  and to participate in service projects and programs that benefit its members, Michigan State University and the community.

Officers and Board for 2017-2018

President Rick Vogt
Vice President Roger Baldwin
Past President Angela Brown
Secretary Jacqueline Babcock (2017-2019)
Treasurer David Brower (2016-2018)
Office Manager Elizabeth Thomas
  Assistant Office Manager – Gale Gower
Member-At-Large William Anderson (2017-2019)
Member-At-Large Bruce Smith (2016-2018)
Member-At-Large Pam Marcis (2016-2018)
Member-At-Large Mike Gardner (2015-2019)

Standing Committee Chairs

Audit Joe Lessard
Awards tbd
Budget and Finance David Brower
  Newsletters Al LeBlanc
  List Server (eNotices) Patricia (Trish) Horn
  Website & Facebook Operations Anders Johanson
     News Reporter Stan Hecker
     News Contributor Milt Powell
     Underwriting Manager - Jacqueline Babcock
     News Contributor - Jacqueline Babcock
Health Benefits Marilyn Rothert
Information Technology John Forsyth
Membership Development and Services Nancy Craig
Nominating tbd
Program Roger Baldwin

Special Assignments

Photographer MaryLou Gifford
New Member Services Brenda Spackman
Faculty Emeriti Association Representative John Forsyth
Retiree Volunteer Coordinator Nancy Craig
Old Newsboys Brenda Spackman
United Way - MSU Darlene Wenner
Interest Group Coordinator Pam Marcis
Development Fund Coordinator Dan Chegwidden
Human Resources Liaisons Sharon Butler, Renee Rivard and Dan Mackey
Employee Assistance Program Advisory Committee (EAPAC)  - Mike Gardner

MSURA Past Presidents

History of MSURA

MSURA Bylaws

View Documents Related to Incorporation of MSURA

MSU Retirees Association
Suite 22 Nisbet Building
1407 S. Harrison Rd.
East Lansing, MI 48823-5239

Phone:    (517) 353-7896


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2015 board

From the top:  Patrick Scheetz, Chuck Webb, David Brower, John Forsyth, Rick Vogt, Ron Smith, Jacque Babcock, Gale Gower, Angie Brown, Louise Selanders, Trish Horn, Al LeBlanc, Mike Gardner, Etta Abrahams, Darlene Wenner, Nancy Craig and Jerry Hull.  Not pictured: Elzabeth Thomas.