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MSURA Awards

MSURA Volunteer of the Year Award(s)Overview

Mission Statement MSURA

Michigan State University Retirees Association (MSURA) is an organization for all retired faculty, staff and their spouses. The mission of the MSURA is to establish and maintain a community of fellowship among its members; to stimulate individual and mutual interests and concerns; to bring its members together for social, recreational and educational purposes;to communicate and clarify information that has special impact upon retired persons and surviving spouses; to provide liaison between Michigan State University retirees and Michigan State University administration;and to participate in service projects and programs that benefit its members, Michigan State University and the community.

Award Criteria:

The Michigan State University Retirees Association Volunteer of the YearAward recognizes an individual or individuals who havemade significant contributions to the goals and activities supported by MSURA as stated above.This award acknowledges exceptional volunteer service to MSURA by an MSU retiree. The nomination letter shouldinclude specific instances of outstanding voluntary contributionsto MSURA. Other worktoward enhancing the overall quality of university life for students, faculty, staff, alumni, retirees, or other members of the MSU community and contributionsto apositive collegial spiritwill also be taken into consideration.The nomineewill be a member of MSURA. Individuals who have received this award are not eligible. A list of previous winners appears on the MSURA webpage.


Nominations will be solicited in the spring of each year. Members of the MSURA board and anyone from theMSURA membership at large may submita nomination. Announcements will be made via the newsletter and e-notices asking for nominations to be sent to the Chair. A description of why an individual is being nominated should be included with the nomination letterto be used for introductory purposes when the awardis announced.A Chair will be appointed by the President of MSURA and a committee will be formed of 3-4 individuals. The MSURA President and previous year’s recipient(s)will be asked to join the committee. The winner’s name will be kept confidential until the announcement at the MSURA Annual Luncheon. The Award will include a plaque. The design for the plaque is on file at C & S Trophy, 4408 S. Cedar Street in Lansing, MI.If no appropriate nominations are submitted, the award doesnot have to be presented in a given year. However, more than one recipient may be appropriate in some years.

Send nominations to:


For Meritorious Service

May 2023 David Brower

david brower

May 2022 Anders Johanson

anders j

May 2021 Cheryl Pell and Rick Vogt

c pellr vogt

May 2020 Elizabeth Thomas and Pamela Marcis

liz thomasmarcis

May 2019 Angela Brown

angela brown

May 2018 Al LeBanc

al lebanc

May 2017 Patrick Scheetz

patrick scheetz

May 2016  Gale Gower and Kay Butcher

gale gower kay butcher

May  2015 Brenda Spackman

2015 award brenda spackman

May 2014            J. Gordon Williams

g williams

May 2013            John Forsyth

2013 award winner john forsyth

May 2012             Marlene Wamhoff

May 2011             Bob Wenner and Darlene Wenner

May 2010             Jerry Hull            

May 2009             Nancy Craig       

May 2008             Mary B. McCartney        

                            Frederick W. Kletke       

May 2007             Gary Stone        

May 2006             Richard Reid      

May 2005             W. Fred Graham              

May 2004             Stephanie Barch              

                                Judy Bukovac    

May 2003             Charlie Downs  

May 2002             Velmer Oakley

May 2001             Lorraine Demorest         

May 2000             Rosemary Pavlik              

May 1999             Harold Davidson              

May 1998             Donald Gregg   

                             George Dike      

                             Erling Jorgensen              

May 1997             Noel (Pat) Ralston          

May 1996             Russell Hill          

May 1995             Clella Dickinson                

May 1994             Walker Hill          

                                John Roetman  

Oct 1993               Ruth Jameyson               

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