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View the Marvelous Commemorative Program from the May 7 Annual Luncheon 

 Mike Garland


September to April Monthly Membership Meetings:  Second Monday, 1:30 PM  MSUFCU Branch Mt Hope & Farm Lane, plus Zoom
MSURA  presents and records the monthly seminars via Zoom.  Click here to View Previous meeting videos

How to attend MSURA Zoom meetings. (pdf)  Or watch a video on how to attend https://,


These are held on the second Friday of the month at MSU's Brody Square from 11:30AM to 1:30PM except during the summer months, 11AM to 1PM. This is an informal social event hosted by MSURA with no program.  This being MSURA's 75th anniversary year, it's time to hold lunches so that retirees can reconnect.  Please attend and invite your friends.   

The Brody Square dining hall is located on the second floor.  An elevator and stairs are located near the front entrance.  Meals can be purchased in advance for a discount at or for full price in person.  Daily menus are available on the website. 

Parking is available at Jenison Field House or Kellogg Center parking ramp with your MSU Retiree Parking permit or Pay-By-Plate.  MSU Retiree Parking Permits may be ordered for free on the MSU Parking Office website,  From the menu at the top of the page, select “Permits” and “Retiree” and follow instructions there using your MSU NetId and password.  If you do not know your MSU NetId and password, contact MSU IT Services Help Desk at Ph. 844-678-6200 or 517-432-6200.

MSU Retiree Id cards are available at the MSU ID Office in the MSU International Center.  Meals purchased on the website are recorded on your MSU ID card. 

Board Meetings:       Board Meeting Minutes 

Members of MSURA are persons officially designated as retired by the Michigan State University Board of Trustees, and their spouses or surviving spouses, (b) upon their written request, persons retired from other employment who had formerly been employed or appointed to adjunct positions by Michigan State University, and their spouses or surviving spouses, and (c) active Michigan State University employees who pay an annual subscription fee as set by the Board of Directors of MSURA.

    msura meeting

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