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Thank you for your service to Michigan State University!

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 MSURA conducted the monthly seminars via Zoom for the 2020-2022 year so all retirees could view.  View Previous meeting videos


MONDAY DECEMBER 12TH, MSURA MEMBERSHIP MEETING 2PM, GERI ZELDES, Ph.D., PROFESSOR IN THE SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM.  Zeldes, will talk about her experience as a documentary film maker and what it’s like to work with students to produce the work. A tenured professor in MSU’s School of Journalism, Zeldes previously served as the J-School’s Graduate Studies Director and the College of ComArtSci’s Faculty Excellence Advocate. In 2022, Zeldes received an MSU William J. Beal Outstanding Faculty Award, only given to 10 or fewer faculty each year for awesomeness demonstrated in teaching, advising, research, publications, art exhibitions, committee work, public service and continuing education. The work grows out of service to Communities and Students of Color. Indebted to MSU, Zeldes feels like she grew up at the university, spending more than half her life on campus as a doctoral student, fixed- term and then tenure-stream faculty. She is grateful that her gig allows her to perpetually and doggedly tell stories at the margins, made possible by a team of students who are super in every way. Together, they create something new and therefore, newsworthy. To read more about Zeldes, visit ple/geri-alumit-zeldes. Attendance at this event is in-person or virtual using Zoom. Meeting will be held at the MSU Federal Credit Union Farm Lane & Mt Hope branch Community room at 1:30PM - 2PM social and presentation starting at 2PM.  Zoom Meeting Information:  Meeting Link:  Meeting Id: 990 0012 8988   Meeting Passcode: MSURA    (case sensitive all caps)  Meeting Telephone Number: 312-626-6799   Meeting Telephone Passcode: 074191 

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You do not need a Facebook account to view what others are doing. If you have an account, you can post pictures and descriptions of what you have been doing since retiring from MSU.  Especially let us know what volunteer activities you perform. If you are shy or doubtful about posting on Facebook, send your pictures or information to or call (517) 353-7896 and we will post it for you. Mobile users be sure to click on visitor posts below photos to see other retiree posts.


MSU retirees and their spouses are automatically members of the MSURA for life.    There are no dues, but donations will help make MSURA better.

Continue your connection to Michigan State University by participating in the MSU Retirees Association.    We especially hope you attend the monthly programs from September to May.

msura board 19-20

MSURA 2022-2023 Board

Front Row, Left to Right: Bruce Smith, Liz Thomas, Neelam Kher, Jacqueline Babcock, Pam Marcus, Mike Gardner, Angela Brown

Back Row, Left to Right: Rick Vogt, President, John Forsyth, Anders Johanson, Dave Brower, Roger Baldwin, William Anderson

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