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Health Benefits

Benefits Received by MSU Retirees

Those retirees 65 and older are on Humana Medicare Advantage PPO Plan Humana Group Medicare Advantage PPO Plan  

MSU Retirees under age 65 are on Humana Non-Medicare Advantage PPO Plan Humana MSU Non-Medicare PPO Plan

The prescription insurance coverage is different for each group. Details of the prescription insurance coverage is included with the medical insurance information at these links as well.

Humana for MSURA

Humana - Pharmacy

MSU Pharmacy

Best Doctors/Teladoc Medical Experts


MSU retirees now have access to a discount program for hearing aids available through MCBSM and/or VSP vision coverage. This program  offers lower prices and discounts on the hearing aid models and local professional services as well as extended warranties.  For more information, call Tennille Brown, Customer Service Representative for TruHearing at 1-866-581-9464 Ext. 1146.  She is available 9-5:30 EST.  Products and services may also be viewed at

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